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Sew A Little Seam Website Design

“I couldn’t be happier”

Working with Marjorie on updating my website was great. I had a general idea of what I wanted and she took it and made it amazing. The new design looks professional and elegant and also works much better. She streamlined everything and I couldn’t be happier with the final result.”
~Kelly Ballou, Sew A Little Seam


“We were so impressed”

“CVFiber contracted Codewryter to redesign our website in an almost impossible scenario—we received grant money that had to be used within 3 weeks of kicking off the project! In those 3 weeks, Marjorie concepted, designed, built, and launched a new website, all the while being able to incorporate feedback, change requests, and nail some critical iteration. We have decided to continue our relationship as we were so impressed.”
~Chuck Burt, CVFiber


“Marjorie is an expert”

“Marjorie Ray has been great to work with. She is an expert, and I think holds herself to the highest of standards. She is a designer, a troubleshooter, a problem-solver. Marjorie responds to her clients promptly, explains what is needed and how she will complete the task/s, provides a timeline, gets right to work, and finishes on time (or even sooner than expected). I have worked with many web designers and web tech people over the years, and my relationship with Marjorie has been the easiest and most productive.”
~Carolyn Isaak, AIA New England

Kurn Hattin Vermont web design

“She transformed our website”

Marjorie transformed our website into one that’s clean and easy to navigate. Also thanks to her user friendly instructions, we’re now able to make many of the updates ourselves, which is a big cost savings. She’s knowledgeable, prompt, and insightful. We couldn’t be happier!”
~Indira Singh, Kurn Hattin Homes


“Resourceful and solves problems”

You know, I just like working with Marjorie. She’s approachable, good humored, and pretty much unflappable. We’ve collaborated on two different projects, Juno Orchestra and DVFiber. In each case, she listened carefully to intent from my side, then offered expertise to the project–technical advice, design and layout recommendations, editing, and even her own photography where appropriate. Marjorie is resourceful, she solves problems that arise, and has provided ready ongoing help and training via her care plan.
~Zon Eastes,

Green Mountain Taps WordPress Website

“She did an outstanding job”

Marjorie did an outstanding job rebuilding our website and really took the time to understand the wants and needs of our company.  She is a pleasure to work with and continues to lend a helping hand as needed. Thanks Marjorie!”
~Sharon Brooks, Green Mountain Taps

Express Fluency Language Learning Website

“I highly recommend her”

It is such a pleasure to work with Marjorie. She took the time to understand my business and did an amazing job re-designing the website. I highly recommend her!”
~Elissa McLean, Founder, Express Fluency

Vt Rentals Plus Website Development

“Professional, experienced, talented”

From the very first meeting, we knew we were working with an experienced and talented professional. Marjorie’s patience and creative thinking made the web design process seem effortless. The turn-around time, from initial meeting to the launch, was quick. Marjorie answered all of our questions and offered suggestions while showing a confidence that put us all at ease. The website has exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend her.
~Kelley Aither, VT Rentals Plus

Batchelder CPA Accounting Website Design

“Exactly what we were looking for”

The site looks fantastic. The changes are exactly what we were looking for and we love all the little touches you added.”
Helen De Los Santo, Batchelder Associates


“Patient and helpful”

Marjorie has been patient and helpful in all the ways that are important for me as I’m somewhat technologically challenged! I feel like she worked magic with the content and brought our website to a whole new level of flow and sophistication. She continues to help me grow the website to offer more convenience to our customers. She’s knowledgeable about how the different applications function and which ones make sense for us. I highly recommend Marjorie for any of your website design and development needs. She’s the whole package. I am beyond grateful for her work!

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