I just finished the YouTube Grow Your Audience Boot Camp and received my letter of completion! It’s a relatively easy class and I learned a lot about how to build my audience and subscriber base for my YouTube Channel.

If you want to take the YouTube Creator Academy Classes, you can access them here and learn at your own pace.  The courses teach you the basics of starting your channel, how viewers find you, why subscribers matter, and how to get your site set-up for monetization.

YouTube "Grow Your Audience Boot Camp" letter of completion
YouTube “Grow Your Audience Boot Camp” letter of completion


Classes include:

  1. Title and thumbnail: Use your title and thumbnails to get discovered
  2. Collaborate: Grow your channel with other creators
  3. Subscribers: Why watch time is important and the subscriber advantage
  4. YouTube Analytics: Introduction to YouTube Analytics
  5. Interaction: Get viewers to interact through annotations and descriptions
  6. Tools for branding: Use featured content and branding intro to introduce your channel
  7. Playlists and sections: Organize your channel
  8. Branding: Build your brand identity on YouTube
  9. Keep it fresh: Engage your fans regularly
  10. Converse with top fans: Invite interaction