Wordpress Update Billie

Today I updated all websites I manage with the newest WordPress 4.3 release “Billie” (after Billie Holiday). Some sites were automatically updated by Siteground hosting, and others I performed the update myself.

I backed up the sites yesterday before any updates were made, as you never know if their might be glitches after an update, but I have seen none so far.

What’s New in WordPress 4.3?

For a full overview of the changes, check out wordpress.org. The change that I think affects bloggers are the formatting shortcuts you’ll be able to use when writing posts.

Formatting Shortcuts while using the Visual Editor

To quickly create an “unordered” list, type an asterisk (*) and hit the space bar and it will look like this:

  • here I go

To continue the list, hit return for each new line:

  • here I go
  • look at me
  • I am making a list

Type 1. or 1) and then a space, to create a numbered list

  1. I have created a list

Hit return, and the next number will be created automatically:

  1. I have created a list
  2. Now I am feeling fantastic
  3. And so on

Use this symbol (>) to create a quote (called a “blockquote” in WordPress)

Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

Type number signs (#) to convert a paragraph into a heading – the more number signs you use, the smaller the heading will be, i.e.  ## is bigger than ### for instance:

Two Asterisks for this size (H2)

Three Asterisks(h3)

Four Asterisks

Five Asterisks

Watch the Formatting Shortcuts video for demonstration of these techniques designed to speed up your writing workflow.

The other new features include site icons, encouraging stronger passwords for new users (so important!), and the menu options now in the customizer.

If you have thoughts or questions on these changes, please let me know.