Marjorie Ray Codewryter

My goal in the web development process is to help you fine-tune your online objectives and create a well designed, user-friendly website. We’ll work together to develop compelling content, use appropriate social media, and implement a strategy for driving traffic to your site and capturing incoming leads.

Our course of action might look something like this: first we would have a conversation about your ideas for a new website. I’d like to hear about your business, your online objectives, your struggles, and who you are.

If you have an ongoing business or blog, we would talk about your current site goals and strategy. I’ll review your logo, branding, content and marketing materials. You’ll provide me with your written content, photography, video, and testimonials. We’ll talk about your competitors, keywords, your current use of social media, your blogging practices, and products you sell.

I will work on presenting two or three designs which I think will meet your website goals. We’ll discuss color, typography, photography and written content. We’ll layout all items to be included in your site and plan navigation.

Next, I’ll show you the basic layout of the site with your content installed, as well as standard “plugins” that add targeted functionality to your site such as search engine optimization, social media buttons, a contact page, and more.

After we do a “soft launch” of the site, we’ll continue to work on any new ideas that come up and incorporate them into the site. I’ll provide an annual maintenance contract to insure the website and plugins are updated, the site is backed-up, spam is deleted, and you feel free to ask questions that may come up, or receive additional training in social media, blogging, email campaigns, video marketing, or other areas you would like to explore.

If you’d like more information, have a question, or would like to get started on your new project, call me at (802) 365-9319 or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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