To upload your own videos to YouTube, first log into your account. If you already use gmail, you’ll log in with that. If you are new to YouTube and you don’t have a Google (or gmail) Account, follow the instructions below.  Note: If you are uploading a video directly from the imovie program follow these instructions.

Log into YouTube

Type in YouTube’s web address in your browser, or click on this link to YouTube.


In the upper right hand side of screen, see the sign-in button. Click “SIGN-IN” and either create a new google account, or enter in your current gmail address and password.


Upload your Video

After you are logged in, click the Upload Button in the upper right hand corner. You can also go directly to this page at


Click on the big arrow above “Select Files to Upload” and find the video you want to upload from your files. Or you can drag your video to this screen and drop it here to upload that way as well. 


Choose privacy settings in the pull-down menu. By default, the video will be public. You can change it to “Unlisted” and anyone with a link to the video can see it. Or you can make it “Private” and then only you and the users you select can see it. For more info read Managing Video Privacy.


You can upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. For longer videos, you need to have your account “verified” and you must be in good standing.

While your video is uploading, fill out the information such as the name of the video and the description ~ put your website address in here if you have one and add your keywords for SEO throughout the description.

Next create “tags” in the box below the description. There is also another change to change your privacy settings.

Once the video is uploaded, you can select a video “thumbnail” – the image which will appear on your video before it is clicked. These are automatically selected by YouTube. You can also create your own custom thumbnail.


After your video has finished uploading, select “Publish.”


A link will appear with the web address for your new video.


Go check out your new upload!

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below. Hope this tutorial was helpful. ~ Marjorie

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