Does your business need help recovering from COVID-19 impacts?

As of September 18, 2020, the Regional Development Corps of Vermont will begin deploying $1,400,000 in technical assistance funding for small businesses across the state.

To be eligible you must be a Vermont entity conducting activities in Vermont. You may be asked to demonstrate that you operate out of a Vermont property, pay employees who conduct work with Vermont, or have sales and customers in Vermont.

The Regional Development Corporations of Vermont have created Recovery Navigators to help businesses develop a recovery solution and identify an appropriate technical assistance provider. Once a recovery path has been determined, the regional Navigator will help connect the business with the TA provider and together they will develop a Scope of Work. 

Once the work is completed, the technical assistance provider will be paid by the grant program. All activities within the Scope of Work must be completed by December 4, 2020. Average TA award is expected to be $3,000.

The TA provided under this program will allow a business to make significant changes to their business to overcome the impacts of COVID-19.  As an example, a proposal might include online retail platforms for businesses to expand their ability to sell goods during a stay home order, consulting services to a restaurant on how to redesign a kitchen or dining area for safe operations or increase the profitability of take-out service, marketing assistance to reach new customers, or new product development work to broaden a company’s viability during the crisis.