Making Money BloggingRecently I subscribed to Amy Lynn Andrew’s “Useletter” ~ she sends out a weekly email with helpful content and also has an annual guide for How to Make Money Blogging as an 11 year veteran making a full-time income from blogging. Amy gives a great overview of streams of income used by bloggers, including different types of advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling physical and digital products.

I also like this Smartblogger article which covers writing content that attracts traffic, converting visitors into subscribers, sending content to those subscribers, building trust, and then selling products and services to a cultivated audience. Smartblogger says that most of the online advice for making money blogging is crap. It’s hard to make it from advertising or selling ebooks. What it takes is hard work and running your blog like a business.

Other sources for learning about blogging include:

Trying to decide on a topic for your blog?  See if you can make a list of 30 headlines or topic ideas.  If you have trouble doing this, than perhaps you should find another focus for your blog.  Many popular bloggers post each week, some on a set day per week, so if you have a list of ideas for your blog it helps to get you started.

You also might want to write out three or four blog posts and have them ready for the first month of postings.  Try to post on a set schedule.  You can set your posts up to deliver to your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, and Google+ whenever you publish to your blog.  Be sure to be active on social media, and comments on others blogs, in order to get traffic to your site.  As you build up traffic you can earn money with Advertising Banners and Affiliate Sales.

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