Note: This post is over five years old. The app may have changed significantly in that time. Here are some more recent posts:

  • How to edit a single calendar event in a recurring series

    If you have The Events Calendar plugin set up with recurring events, how do you change a date when one of the meetings falls on a holiday?

    First, find your Series:

    In the WordPress dashboard, under Events, click on Series.

    Scroll down to find the Series you need to edit, in this case it is “Selectboard Meeting” – double click on the title, or hover over and Select “edit.”

    Scroll down to see the list of scheduled events and choose “Convert to Single” for the date you want to change.

    Edit the date (and anything else you want to change).

    I also edited the top description to explain the meeting date change.

    I figured this out for a client, but thought it might be useful to post here. Let me know if you have any questions!


This is a test for the WordPress Android app to see how easy it is to upload photos from my phone.

I install the app, but am not happy that I have to sign in to in order to use it.

There is a new beta editor so I opt to try that. I authorize the app to gain access to my photos.

I’m happy to see an image optimization feature – this is so darn important!

I am curious to see what size images these are, as I am not sure where the dimensions are stored.

I like being able to take screenshots and insert them into my posts.

I’m having fun trying this out. I learn how to directly upload to the media area.

I find out the size of the images I am uploading.

These are a decent size, close to my recommended 100kb, but the image above this one is 835kb, too big if you want a fast-loading site.

I’m not clear if images added directly to the media area are optimized or not.

So far, this is a cool app, available for iPhone or Android and I will continue to explore it.