Note: This post is over five years old. The app may have changed significantly in that time. Here are some more recent posts:

  • How to add Google Analytics to Kadence Theme

    In order to add Google Analytics to the Kadence Theme within the Customizer, you need the Pro Version of the plugin*.

    Once you have installed the Pro Version, activate “Headers/Footer Scripts.”

    Now you will have an area in the Customizer, at the bottom, called “Custom Scripts.”

    Place the Google Analytics code in “Add scripts into your header” and Publish.

    (*Note: I might receive a commission if affiliate links are clicked on and purchased – at no additional charge to you.)


This is a test for the WordPress Android app to see how easy it is to upload photos from my phone.

I install the app, but am not happy that I have to sign in to in order to use it.

There is a new beta editor so I opt to try that. I authorize the app to gain access to my photos.

I’m happy to see an image optimization feature – this is so darn important!

I am curious to see what size images these are, as I am not sure where the dimensions are stored.

I like being able to take screenshots and insert them into my posts.

I’m having fun trying this out. I learn how to directly upload to the media area.

I find out the size of the images I am uploading.

These are a decent size, close to my recommended 100kb, but the image above this one is 835kb, too big if you want a fast-loading site.

I’m not clear if images added directly to the media area are optimized or not.

So far, this is a cool app, available for iPhone or Android and I will continue to explore it.