Who hasn’t done it? You’ve been happily editing away, hitting the “Save Draft” Button and checking to see your updates. You aren’t even halfway finished writing your post, and BOOM, you accidentally hit the Publish button instead of Save Draft, and out goes your incomplete post to all links and subscribers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a pop-up button that said, “Are you sure you want to publish this now?” Turns out, there is! Try installing the Publish Confirm Plugin to prevent accidentally publishing a WordPress post.

How to Prevent Accidentally Publishing a WordPress Post

To Install the Plugin – Go to Plugins: Add New

Plugins Add New Image


Type in “Publish Confirm”

Prevent Accidentally Publishing a WordPress Post


See Publish Confirm Plugin and Click Install Now

Accidentally Publish Post


Click Activate Plugin

Activate WordPress Plugin


Write Your Post

Now you are ready to write your post without fear of accidentally publishing until you have completed it.  When you hit “Publish” you will see this popup box.  Hit Cancel to continue working on your post if needed.

Confirm Post Plugin


Questions, comments?  Please let me know 🙂