If you are just starting out with the new WordPress (Gutenberg) editor and wondering what types of “blocks” come with Gutenberg, below is a simple list.

What is a block?

A block is a pre-built element, such as an “image,” “gallery, or “paragraph” block.

(an “image block”)

To add a block, there are a few different ways. You click on the little + sign in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Or you move your mouse over an area on the page beneath the title or above another paragraph and see a little plus sign, which, upon hover, shows “Add block.”

Clicking on the plus sign pulls down the “Block Menu”, where you can search for a block if you already know what you are looking for.

Basic Blocks that come with Gutenberg

Most Used

After Most Used, there are the following options of pull down areas

And the images below show the options in each of those.

Common Blocks

bottom left is for video


Layout Elements



If you add additional block plugins, such as Atomic Blocks or CoBlocks, other types of blocks will appear.

So check it out, try out all these different block options. I particularly like columns. On the right hand sidebar, you can adjust how many columns you want, 2, 3 or more.

Column Block

And spacer blocks are so helpful when you want to add a bit of space between elements. This used to be so difficult to do and now it’s simply a matter of adding in a block and then making adjustment, either by dragging the element up or down, or entering a number in the sidebar.

Spacer Block

The media and text block is awesome! Easily add an image on one side and then your text on the other. This will look great on small devices too as it’s “mobile responsive.”

Media and Text Block

You can turn mobile responsiveness on and off in the sidebar (I think the default is actually off) and the image stays next to the copy on mobile devices. You can change the background colors as well.

The paragraph block has lots of color settings, but try to stick to your “brand colors” for a cohesive look to your website.

It’s super easy to add a button now. Add the text for what the button will say and then add the link below it (click on the little arrow to activate the link). In the sidebar on the right hand of the screen you will be able to edit the colors.

There’s so much to learn! Have you tried Gutenberg? Which blocks are you excited about? Which ones do you use the most? What areas are you having problems with? Do you have issues I can help solve? Questions?

This is a new area for the whole WordPress ecosphere and change is happening constantly. Your site might still have the “classic editor” installed so if you are interested in learning more about Gutenberg, let me know in the comments below, or send a message.

All the best, Marjorie